New Technology for throttle bodies !!

The Only Four Barrel Drive-By-Wire Throttle Body in the racing industry.

1991 – We made the first in the speed industry billet 4-barrel Dominator 4500-series throttle body

2006 – We incorporated a dedicated high flow idle air control (I.A.C.) provision into the housing

2019  – Another first in the speed industry !!!  We packaged our Drive-By-Wire (DBW) system onto the totally re-designed throttle body.  The Version 2 throttle body has an increased throttle size, now 2.250″ .  Throttle shafts move effortlessly on Kinsler’s bearing style architecture with retainers which have internal lip seals.  The initial customer is an Off-road Trophy Truck Engine Builder, so this package is built for life in a very rough and dirty environment.  

Take a Look at the Drive-By-Wire in Action !!

Kinsler Billet Four Barrel Throttle Body with 2 1/4″  throttles

and Optional Drive-By-Wire throttle control

4500 Series mount flange, perimeter o-ring, no gasket required

Edge to edge of throttle bores 4.775″, equal spaced bores

Counter rotating 1:1 throttle plates

Overall height of billet throttle body 2.550″ (not including linkage)

.500″ diameter throttle shafts, contoured at throttle bores

Supported on bearings with lip seals and seal retainers

1/2-13 thread-in steel insert, accepts 5/16-18 stud for air filter mounting

Machined to accept mounting bracket of Kinsler’s Drive-By-Wire motor isolation mount

Dual Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) mounts, flush mounting design for compact packaging

Kinsler Drive-By-Wire motor package, complete with isolation housing, mounting bracket,

and billet bearing connector link

Note:  Our DBW motors require a programmable Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID)

A control algorithm using three coefficients

This is a control loop feedback mechanism, providing a continuously modulated control

We use positioning feed-back provided by 6-wire TPS