Constant Flow :

Kinsler Fuel Injection’s business is founded on precise fuel metering. Our nozzle and jet test benches are controlled to maintain fluid temperature during testing to assure precise flow comparisons. We flow test nozzles, jets, fuel pumps, filters, bypass valves, and barrel valve assemblies as individual components or collectively as a system. Nozzles are tested at three pressure settings to assure proper flow through a wide range of pressure. Flows are measured to the tenth of a pound per hour of gasoline, abbreviated lb/hr., and the resultant 30 psi value of the test is stamped on each nozzle. Kinsler offers precision bypass jets which are flowed and matched to master reference jets, available in .002″ increments from .020″ through .186″ diameters.

We can flow test your system “As-received” to provide you with the results from your “in the field” tuning, then discuss with you recommendations to improve the system’s operation. We can also computer model your engine and provide anticipated power output values and their rpm points. The modeling program can also aid in approximating the desired intake runner lengths for “Ram Tuning”.

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) :

Flow testing of New or Used electronic injectors and electric fuel pumps.
Generally, we see new injectors with variations in flow of 6-8% and some up as high as 12%. we offer dynamic grouping of injectors into a set that has a total variation of less than 2%. We offer back flushing of top feed injectors to remove contaminants trapped inside the injector. Note: requires removal of inlet screen and installation of new inlet screen. Injectors can be flow tested at a specific fuel pressure while the injector is held “Full Open”. This is called a “Static Test”. This determines the injectors total flow capacity at that pressure. Injectors may also be pulsed at a predetermined “DUTY CYCLE” or pulse width and the volume collected for comparison against other injectors. This is called a “Dynamic Test”. The dynamic test results are considered to be the most meaningful of all the tests because the injectors are typically operated in a pulsed mode. Kinsler offers a Base Calibration service for the EFI systems listed below. We can install your injectors, pressure relief valve, ECU, and wiring harness/loom on our test bench and simulate the engine operation. During this simulation we can adjust the injector pulse widths to achieve the desired fuel flows. We can also computer model your engine and provide anticipated power output values and their rpm points. The modeling program can also aid in approximating the desired intake runner lengths for “Ram Tuning”. Accel/DFI, F.A.S.T. (formerly Speed-Pro FP Performance), EFI-Technology, Haltech, Motec, and Zytek electronic systems.

Lucas Mechanical Timing Injection :

We offer a complete service for Lucas Timed Mechanical fuel injection components and systems including rebuilding and calibration services. We stock metering units (fuel distributors), fuel cams, pumps, nozzles, nozzle line, nozzle lines ends and assembly blocks, BSP to AN adapter fittings, check valves, calibration shims and rollers, banjo bolt o-rings, bung seals, and much more.

Rebuilding of Injection Pumps :

In addition to the flowtesting services Kinsler offers complete rebuilding of Kinsler, Lucas,  and Waterman mechanical fuel pumps. Kinsler keeps an inventory of service parts and can generally repair and flow test pumps within a week.  We can also flow test and evaluate other manufacture’s pumps : Hilborn; Enderle; Ron’s; Crower; etc.


Individual runner manifolds require precise balanced air control to assure that each of the engines cylinders will receive the same amount of air. The throttle shafts, throttle shaft bores, butterflies, and related connecting linkage parts must be maintained for proper control. Kinsler offers complete manifold reconditioning including custom machining when required. We stock oversize throttle shaft material which we can machine to cure loose throttle shaft conditions or in severe cases the manifold can be gun-drilled and bronze bushings installed. Oversize custom butterflies can be made to fit into oversized throttle bores. We manufacture a complete line of throttle arms, stops, hex link assemblies, and linkage related components for most brands of fuel injection.   We can supply parts for the do-it-yourself mechanic.

Electric Pumps:

We can rebuild Lucas and Weldon electric fuel pumps. Kinsler has the parts and expertise to install a new motor, brushes, bearings, seals, or re-clearance the pump segment.

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