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‘Ulimate’ Monster Mesh Filter Element 10/3

This element is available for all three Kinsler Monster Mesh Series Filters !

The tan media is 10-micron paper

The white media is 3-micron fiberglass

The screen is to support the fiberglass media, and to give good low out of the tightly packed pleats.

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All the injector manufacturers would like to have 3-micron filtration to their injectors, but they know that 3-micron filters plug up much too fast, so they recommend 10-micron.

25.4 microns is .001″(one thousandth of an inch), so 10-micron is about .0004″ (four thousandth of an inch); far too coarse

As NASCAR ramped up to start running EFI in 2012 we worked on a new filter concept…a two layer element…a top 10-micron paper layer that catches about 90% of the dirt to protect a 3-micron fiberglass lower layer. This fiberglass uses premium fibers laid down by a CNC machine…it has the most precise micron rating of nay filter material; is use in the most expensive filtration systems for aircraft and premium hydraulic systems.

We were very surprised to find no more pressure drop with the dual layer element vs the 10-micron only element; you can review the flow data in Jim Kinsler’s eight page NASCAR fuel system article, see NASCAR button. Most of the NASCAR cars are now running the dual layer element filter to protect their injectors and their Pressure Relief Valves; both are very sensitive to dirt.  It is also used by most all EFI customers that have become aware of it…. truly excellent protection for every EFI system. Contact us for pricing and other information.

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