Available in sizes:   8.68 GPM, 10.62 GPM, 12.58 GPM, & 15.8 GPM at 4,000 Pump rpm, at 100 psi pressure.

These are just as rugged as the Series 1 Tough Pumps; will handle dirt in the fuel better than any other pump.

Applications: 600 plus cubic inch naturally aspirated Methanol, Supercharged or Turbocharged Methanol up to 2,000 HP, Top Fuel Harley Davidson (requires special seals for nitro). These pumps are good to 300 psi continuous.

The biggest problem racers have with their mechanical fuel pumps is wear, due to gears and housings that aren’t hard  enough. Our pump has very hard gears and a hardcoated housing to hold up very well against dirt… we have yet to have one wear out in the field due to dirt passing through them.

Total pump failures are another problem. Our pumps are made with very premium metals, coatings, and very close tolerances to give extreme durability… we have never had one of our pumps fail in the field.

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