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Championship Technology for YOUR 911

We supply systems to Indy, IMSA, NASCAR, World Of Outlaws, USAC, and the list goes on…NOW we offering Professional Level Technology available to YOU !!!

We partnered with Ed Pink Racing Engines to design a “Direct to Head” ITB package for the 2 or 3 bolt heads.  This is a purpose-built system NOT a combination of adapters and spacers

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This is NOT an ‘off the shelf’ kit, this is a dedicated tailored package for your project.

Designed to fit engine/car with air conditioning compressor.

High Quality aluminum castings with high-flow throttle shafts riding on bearings with an integrated lip seals for protection from dirt.

Precision machined and fully 100% CNC ported

Throttle sizes: 46; 48; 50; 52mm

Port sizes: 40 – 48mm

Kinsler’s throttle shaft adjusters between each throttle plate.

All linkage hardware is high quality billet aluminum….OUR Throttles plates STAY synchronized !!!

Kinsler’s distinctive mechanical “progressive” linkage enhances the driving experience by giving the driver superior throttle control.

Top flange of throttle bodies has a 3-bolt pattern which seals with an o-ring to the billet bolt-on adapter.

 Adapters available for:

  1. spigot adapters, billet aluminum, anodized-black, machined to accept hose connector
  2. aluminum trumpet receiver (bond in style)
  3. carbon-fiber trumpet receiver (bond in style)
  4. Custom made billet trumpets

Standard Package consists of:

Throttle bodies with contoured throttle shafts, bearings & lip seals, throttle plates, Kinsler throttle shaft adjusters (4)

Trumpet adapters for spigot ; aluminum trumpets; carbon fiber trumpets (trumpets are sold separately – see below)

Fuel rails, aluminum with AN end port plugs (4) and side inlet/outlet ports, anodized

Vacuum/IAC rail system, aluminum with AN port plugs (2), anodized

Kinsler ‘progressive’ mechanical throttle linkage assembly with integrated return springs

Connector linkage (2), billet aluminum with high-quality rod ends

Breather cover, billet aluminum, 16AN female port, anodized: black (accepts ‘progressive’ linkage and vacuum block)

Vacuum Block, billet aluminum, 2-8AN female ports, 2-3AN female ports, and 1-12AN female port, anodized, mounts on rear of Breather cover.

Heat isolators, special material which has fantastic resistance to heat transfer and maximum support (minimum crush), includes o-rings for superior sealing.

Set of (6) Bosch EFI injectors

TPS ‘Race Grade’

Trumpets (Optional) :

 Aluminum , 180-degree roll top bells, max. length 9”, these trumpets get bonded into the billet adapters supplied with throttle bodies

Carbon-fiber, 180-degree roll top bells, Grade-A interior finish with ‘bag’ mold exterior, these trumpets get bonded into the billet adapters supplied with throttle bodies

Custom Made, we can make trumpets and/or air box systems for your unique project

Option components :

Hose kit, complete for fuel system and vacuum system

Kinsler K-140 Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)

Cable bracket with mounting provision for Kinsler PRV

Upgrade to Kinsler Twin Drive-By-Wire motor package

Air filter package

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