Honda K-Series

Our ITB’s are Custom CNC’d to order and include:

-> Spun aluminum ramtubes

-> Billet top-mount linkage assembly, accepts OEM throttle cable end

-> Extruded 8AN aluminum fuel rail with adapter fittings

-> Universal EFI injector boss inserts, accepts any EFI injector

-> TPS boss for installation of K-series TPS or various other styles

-> K20A or K20Z series flange (K20Z incorporates OEM water passages)

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Options Include:

-> Magnesium or Aluminum casting

-> Seven Throttle Sizes: 51mm; 55mm; 57mm; 60mm; 62mm; 64mm; 67mm

>>>> Upgrade Sizes: 52mm; 53mm; 65mm; 68mm; 70mm

-> Custom CNC’d port windows via. template or CAD file

( we also have stock port windows on file)

-> Flange Angles: specify any angle from 0 to 15 degrees upwards

( the objective is to match the port roof angle of the cylinder head)

-> MAP reference ports: 1/8″ NPT

-> Color: Flat Black (standard) >>> Optional:  Metallic Silver; Gloss Blue; Gloss Red

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