Kinsler_Handbook_#32 December 2017

Kinsler Fuel Injection, Inc, 1834 THUNDERBIRD TROY, MICHIGAN 48084 U.S.A. Phone (248) 362-1145 Fax (248) 362-1032 98 BARREL VALVE SPOOLS AND DUAL RATE IDLE SYSTEM These spools also fit Hilborn barrel valves with .575” diameter spool bore UNDERSTANDING THE SPOOL We make a variety of ramp widths and depths, with various rates of ramp depth taper. What works well for a drag racer may not be correct for a road racer. The correct spool for an application is the one that delivers the proper amount of fuel at all the part throttle opening angles. The correct spool for an engine equipped with a 2 1/16” injection manifold is probably not the right one for a similar engine with a 2 1/2” injection manifold. The air flow increase per degree of throttle rotation using the larger throttle will be greater than that of the smaller one, therefore requiring more fuel per degree of spool rotation. Most of our competitors spools work well at idle and wide open throttle, but do not provide the proper amount of fuel at part throttle. Since the ramp is fixed, the only way to achieve the fuel required at part throttle with one of those spools is by richening the idle, which advances the entire ramp. Unfortunately, the idle is now too rich. Plug fouling and engine stumbling may occur. #3523 next to barrel valve model: BLH-T #3566 KINSLER BARREL VALVE SPOOLS 3552 H/K, .100" wide - part throttle fuel ramp x .200" wide - full throttle fuel ramp 3553 54/K, .200" wide fuel ramp 3551 26/K, .200" wide fuel ramp, increased flow at part throttle over 54/K 3556 23/K, .200" wide - part throttle fuel ramp x .300" wide - full throttle fuel ramp 3555 56/N, .300" wide fuel ramp 3557 59/K, .250" wide fuel ramp, based on 54/K 3558 64/K, .350" wide fuel ramp, based on 54/K 3559 22/K, .200" wide - part throttle fuel ramp x .250" wide - full throttle fuel ramp 3560 24/K, .200" wide - part throttle fuel ramp x .350" wide - full throttle fuel ramp 1401 Labor to degree New Kinsler barrel valve spool and modify fuel curve to Kinsler 'Race-Grade' specification 3625 Kit, consists of: electric soleniod, needle valve, fittings, and hose © 2017 HILBORN BARREL VALVE SPOOLS 3614 #54, .200" wide fuel ramp 3616 #56, .300" wide fuel ramp 3617 #57, .100" wide fuel ramp 3618 #61, .300" wide fuel ramp 3619 #68, .200" wide fuel ramp 3620 #71, .050" wide fuel ramp 3621 #77, .100" x .200" wide fuel ramp #3043 #3522 #3010 #3512 #6167 #3551 #3521 #3515 #3553 #3519 Ramp SERVICE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES 3010 Washer o-ring, for #3515 and #3521 3515 Fitting, secondary outlet on barrel valve, 6 AN male flare 3521 Plug, secondary outlet on barrel valve 3512 Plug, for bottom of high-flow barrel valve, includes o-ring, for barrel valves with .750" I.D. cavity 6167 Port plug, 3 AN male + o-ring, hard anodized alumiinum 6153 Fitting, 3 AN male flare x 3 AN male + o-ring, brass 3519 Spring, retains spool against block, .039" wire diameter 3522 O-ring, seal spool shaft to block 3043 Thin shim, brass, goes between spring and spool 3523 Retainer plate, holds bottom plug in place when barrel valve is not bolted down to a bracket Solenoid Valve Needle Valve V V DUAL RATE IDLE SYSTEM Adjust the barrel valve spool for a “nice clean idle”, with the solenoid valve off. The rich idle is set for best throttle response (see pg 102) by adjusting the needle valve to bypass fuel around the spool after the 12-volt solenoid valve has been activated. This is great for the street... use the lean idle at a traffic light to eliminate excess exhaust fumes, then switch to rich to accelerate away. Great for race cars too.