Kinsler_Handbook_#32 December 2017

Kinsler Fuel Injection, Inc, 1834 THUNDERBIRD TROY, MICHIGAN 48084 U.S.A. Phone (248) 362-1145 Fax (248) 362-1032 6 15) Billet Spring-Screw Universal Throttle Shaft Linkage The throttle shafts can be split in between the runners of the manifold and our patented Spring Screw linkage installed to ensure bind-free operation regardless of uneven installation bolting, (which will distort any manifold) or engine heating, (any brand of aluminum or magnesium manifold will grow quicker as it heats than the steel throttle shaft does). This goes a long way to get rid of the old stuck-throttle-into-the-wall blues! Optional on most of our manifolds and we have kits that will allow installation of this linkage on any brand of manifold. Throttle arm, stop, and spring For safety these should never be used as the only throttle return spring(s). You must use a separate spring(s) to return the throttles. For safety there must also be a toe strap on the throttle pedal so the throttle can be pulled shut 14) Rod Ends  A small part, but so very important. We use high quality rod ends to give you the reliability and resistance to wear that you need in your race vehicle. The rod end has a plated body, chromate treated steel race and a heat treated alloy steel hard-chrome plated ball. Summary: No one else offers a system that even approaches the quality that we have described, and no one else gives you as much value per dollar. Top engine builders and racers tell us that these systems not only outperform anything else presently on the market, but that our calibrations let them dial the engine in so quickly that the time, wear and tear they save makes our system truly inexpensive compared to other brands they have used. They tell us that our manifolds not only work better, but that the precisely located, cut, and blended ports alone saves them more than the difference in cost between our manifold and those of our competitors. 16) Fuel Metering  Our manifolds are available for Constant Flow , Electronic (EFI) , or Lucas Mechanical. 17) Special Customizing  For an additional charge we will do just about anything you want... special paint, anodized colors, polishing, machining, etc. 10) Throttle Shafts Our standard throttle shafts are a milled-on-one-side style made from a high strength steel alloy, then hard-nickel plated for added wear resistance. We offer stainless steel as an option for maximum corrosion resistance, for boats operating in salt water, etc. Optional back-cut shafts, and streamline butterflies are available for increased air flow, see Pages #55-56. 11) Bronze Bushings All of our manifolds and throttle bodies come standard with bronze throttle shaft bushings for extra smooth throttle operation and resistance to wear. 12) Throttle Arms & Stops These are heavy-duty to prevent slippage! Machined from 2024 high-strength aluminum and anodized blue. Grade 8 high-strength cap screws are used for clamping. 13) Torsion Safety Springs  are available to help close the throttles in case your throttle linkage becomes disconnected. © 2017