Kinsler_Handbook_#32 December 2017

Kinsler Fuel Injection, Inc, 1834 THUNDERBIRD TROY, MICHIGAN 48084 U.S.A. Phone (248) 362-1145 Fax (248) 362-1032 5 8.2 Pounds 1/2-20 thread brass inserts for constant flow nozzles Traditional bell 180° Weights shown refer to a manifold side casting without throttle shafts, plates, or linkage. 4.0 Pounds ‘Xtra Light’ option on V8: See Page #18 Ramtube adapters Tuning: All the adapters on the same model manifold have the same bolt pattern, so if you want to try different diameter ramtubes, simply bolt on another set of adapters and tubes. It is another way to tailor the shape of the engine’s power curve. Sealing: The ramtubes are sealed to the adapter with an o-ring seated into the inside diameter of the adapter. The adapters are sealed to the manifold with o-rings that seat into the top of the manifold. These o-rings keep out dirt and water to prolong engine life, and there are no gaskets to blow out. 7) Ramtubes Our ramtubes are made from high quality aluminum to resist denting while maintaining their light weight. While this is more costly, they are truly a superior piece. If our 180 0 ramtubes are shortened, they will slip into our adapters without having to turn the outside diameter, as they are made with the proper diameter all the way up the tube. If our traditional ramtubes are shortened, they must have the base remachined to fit the adapters, Part #7898, see Ramtubes Page #57-58. 8) Universal Nozzle Boss  Most Kinsler manifolds are available with bosses that are tapped 13/16-16. These accept our adapter inserts to accommodate any type of nozzle/injector, (i.e. constant flow, EFI, Lucas, etc). To change from one type of nozzle or injector to another, simply remove the old inserts and install a new set. We also have dual bosses available on most of our units, and bolt-on bosses to go on the runners of any other brand or type of manifold. Only aluminum manifolds should be ordered for off-road or marine Caution: Magnesium is badly corroded by water or liquid alcohol. Monitor the magnesium where it contacts the engine coolant. Alcohol must not sit in a runner for more than a few hours. 9) Magnesium alloy manifolds and top adapters are available for most manifold models to reduce over 1/3 of the casting weight. © 2017