Kinsler_Handbook_#32 December 2017

215 1834 THUNDERBIRD TROY, MICHIGAN 48084 U.S.A. Phone (248) 362-1145 Fax (248) 362-1032 Kinsler Fuel Injection, Inc, NOTES - PLUMBING MULTIPLE FUEL SEE PLUMBING SCHEMATIC ON PAGE #216 FOR MULTIPLE FUEL SUPPLY TANKS ON A LUCAS SYSTEM. R E A D T H I S !! This schematic greatly simplifies the plumbing and operation of the Lucas system when using multiple fuel tanks. It eliminates the need for multiple valves to select the desired fuel tank to run on. It also eliminates the need for selector valves running back to each tank. Simply install one toggle switch on the instrument panel for each supply pump... these should all be wired through the ignition switch, (including the Lucas high pressure fuel pump) so no pump can be left running by mistake. Note: check amperage capacity of each switch. Select the tank that you want to use by using the corresponding fuel pump. This will deliver fuel through a one way check valve, then to the vapor separator tank. The check valves keep the fuel from backflowing into the other tank(s). To switch to another tank: Leave the first pump running and flip on the switch for the next tank. After allowing about twenty seconds for the new pump to purge out the trapped vapor, flip off the switch to the first pump. A critical item for this system is the Kinsler Vapor Separator Tank (VST). It must be constructed with a proper internal vapor separator chamber, or the tank will fill up with vapor. The Kinsler VST tanks have a proper chamber design: Kinsler cross-ram big block Chevrolet manifold on Greenwood IMSA Corvette using Lucas mechanical timed injection Marsh Motorsports, New Zealand, road racing RX-8, Kinsler small block Chev manifold with Lucas mechanical timed injection When mounting any pump..... 1. Mount it as low as possible, for good gravity feed from the tank. At least keep it below the lowest fuel level the tank will have. 2. Have no angled fittings in the inlet hose to the pump from the tank; make any bends with a sweeping bend of the hose. If forced to use an angled fitting, it must be a bent tube type fitting... this gives the fuel a reasonably smooth flow path, which will greatly reduce the tendency of the pump to cavitate at its inlet. © 2017 5708 Vapor seperator tank, 3" diameter x 8" tall, blue anodized aluminum 5710 Vapor seperator tank, 3" diameter x 10" tall, blue anodized aluminum 5712 Vapor seperator tank, 3" diameter x 12" tall, blue anodized aluminum 5713 Mounting bracket for 3" diameter tank, stainless steel with rubber liner, two required 5716 Vapor seperator tank, 4" diameter x 12" tall, blue anodized aluminum 5717 Mounting bracket for 4" diameter tank, stainless steel with rubber liner, two required Stainless steel Vapor Separator Tanks are available on SPECIAL ORDER. NOTE : Specify 8 AN, 10 AN, or 12 AN outlet to mechanical injection pump when ordering. Tanks are available with 8 AN or 10 AN male flare inlet (supply from electric pump) and 6 AN or 8 AN male flare for return to Back Pressure valve - other sizes can be special ordered. #5716 #5717