Kinsler_Handbook_#32 December 2017

214 Kinsler Fuel Injection, Inc, 1834 THUNDERBIRD TROY, MICHIGAN 48084 U.S.A. Phone (248) 362-1145 Fax (248) 362-1032 LUCAS NOTES #9008 Spanner wrench removing #9244 spanner nut to remove diaphragm retainer plate © 2017 9012 Lucas Spares Kit, consists of: 20 - feet of Lucas nozzle line (specify translucant or black) 1 - #9009 line fabrication block 5 - shims for metering unit tower (1 each: .002'', .003'', .004'', .008'', .015'') 1 - #9005 set of narrow feeler gauges 16 - #9215 KBB banjo bolt o-rings 8 - #9216 bung seals 1 - #9007 bung installation tool 1 - #9008 spanner wrench 1 - #9236-K diaphragm kit; includes diaphragm, hat washer and spring clip 6 - #9023 NPE filter elements or #9031 BRL filter elements #9246 MK-II design Top and bottom of #9290 Drive spud A) The greatest enemy of any kind of fuel injection system is dirt. KEEP IT CLEAN. If disconnecting any lines, protect them from dirt. B) There is a nylon filter in the adapter fitting on the inlet to the metering unit. Check this occasionally to be sure it is clean. Dirt may be removed from this and the nozzle inlet screens by using a Q-tip or similar cotton tipped swab. C) An 8-cylinder metering unit that has 8mm diameter shuttles will flow 3.5 lbs/hr per .001” stroke at 7000 rpm. D) Do not use any MK II metering units or nozzles that have not been flow tested. During certain dates of manufacture faulty pieces were assembled at the plant in England. 3908 Kinsler pressure relief valve, model 'NC', includes flowing and pressure setting to 125 PSI or 150 PSI (please specify when ordering), 6 AN male flare adapter fittings, and stainless steel 1/8'' NPT port plugs installed in the pressure gauge ports 3929 Adjuster screw with jam nut 3948 Diaphragm for NC valve 5995 Adapter biscuit, for #6002 to fit ramtube bells up to 3 1/2" O.D. 6002 Uni-Syn throttle synchronizer, 2 3/4" base 6016 Kinsler air density gauge 6017 Labor to qualify and calibrate #6016 air density gauge 8102 Kinsler 3-way check valve, 6 AN #9235 Lifter #9236 Dia- phragm #9240 Diaphragm retainer clips #9238 Washer #3908 Pressure relief valve, model: NC #12106 Pressure relief valve, model: K-140 8201 Lucas nozzle line, translucent, per foot 8202 Lucas nozzle line, black, per foot 8203 Nozzle tube end fitting, 90 degree, MK II 8283 Washer o-ring, 1/4'' BSP 8284 Washer o-ring, 3/8'' BSP 9005 Narrow feeler gauges for use with Lucas MK I and MK II 9007 Bung seal installation tool 9008 Spanner wrench for removing diaphragm retainer nuts 9009 Set of hardwood nozzle line fabrication blocks 9211 Banjo bolt, MK II 9213 Banjo fitting, MK II 9215 KBB banjo bolt o-ring 9216 Bung seal 9231 Lifter, Kinsler precision ground solid rollerized, MK I 9235 Lifter, Kinsler precision ground solid rollerized, MK II 9236 Diaphragm, for lifter follower 9238 Washer, brass, retains #9236 diaphragm to lifter 9240 Clip, locks #9238 washer down on diaphragm (2 required) 9244 Spanner nut, secures diaphragm retainer plate, metering unit requires four 9246 Shim, metering unit tower, .002'', MK II design 9248 Shim, metering unit tower, .003'', MK II design 9250 Shim, metering unit tower, .004'', MK II design 9252 Shim, metering unit tower, .008'', MK II design 9254 Shim, metering unit tower, .015'', MK II design 9290 Metering unit drive spud, Delron, made by Kinsler Kinsler developed the K-140 valve in 1995 for the Indy Racing League. While it is quite excellent, the model NC valve is still totally adequate for the Lucas system. The model NC valve is the original one that Kinsler used on the Lucas systems from 1967 to 1995, so it is the correct piece for a vintage restoration. #3948 NC valve diaphragm