Kinsler_Handbook_#32 December 2017

209 1834 THUNDERBIRD TROY, MICHIGAN 48084 U.S.A. Phone (248) 362-1145 Fax (248) 362-1032 Kinsler Fuel Injection, Inc, LUCAS NOZZLES AND LINES #9009 - Nozzle as- sembly blocks 90 0 nozzle line fitting, banjo fitting, banjo bolt, KBB banjo bolt o-rings, bung seal, translucent and black Lucas nozzle line LUCAS NOZZLES The Lucas nozzles do an excellent job of atomizing, but no fuel metering function. The metering unit controls the volume of the fuel being injected. All the nozzles should be set at the same opening pressure, usually 56 PSI. © 2017 NOZZLE LINE ASSEMBLY ..... read completely before beginning. 1. Use Kinsler hardwood nozzle line gripping blocks (#9009) to hold the tubing during installation, so that the outside will not be marred. Use of the steel blocks that come in copper tube flaring kits will put rings around the outside of the tubing, creating a stress point, which may cause the tubing to fail. 2. Use only tubing from Kinsler for this application; available in black and translucent. Other tubing may not have the strength, I.D., proper elasticity or the resistance to gasoline required. 3. Push an amount of tubing up through the block that is .200” longer than the total length of the barb that you wish to install. 4. Clamp the block in a vise to grip the line.... a “C” clamp can be used in the field. 5. Put a drop of oil inside the end of the tubing, and a drop on the end of the fitting barb. 6. Start the end of the barb down into the tube by pushing and twisting it in by hand. If this is difficult, it can be made easier by driving a tapered punch into the end of the tubing just enough to make starting the barb easier. DO NOT “wallow” out the end of the tube with a nail or such, as this will damage the inside of the tube. 7. Tap the fitting into the tube with a small hammer until the line completely covers the barb assembly. If the tube beneath the fitting tends to kink as you tap the fitting in, there is too much line above the block. Sometimes it is necessary to start with only a small amount of line above the block, and then push more line up several times as you tap the fitting in. 8. Be careful that the tube does not slip down through the block as you tap in the fitting. If the end of the barb assembly (down inside the tubing) passes below the top of the block, it will damage the tubing. 9. Route the lines so that they have no sharp bends, since sharp bends tend to kink when the tubing gets hot. Keep the tubing away from moving parts, such as throttle linkage. Tywrap the lines together to prevent them from vibrating when the engine is running... vibration can fatigue the lines. We set each nozzle pressure, then thoroughly flow test it, then epoxy the adjuster shut. The nozzle body has a 14 x 1.25 mm thread. The thread at the top for the fuel line fitting is 1/4 BSP. + = Denny Hulme at speed in McLaren MK 8A on back straight at Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin