Kinsler_Handbook_#32 December 2017

176 Kinsler Fuel Injection, Inc, 1834 THUNDERBIRD TROY, MICHIGAN 48084 U.S.A. Phone (248) 362-1145 Fax (248) 362-1032 DRIVES FOR MECHANICAL PUMP KINSLER HEAVY-DUTY RIGHT ANGLE DISTRIBUTOR DRIVE For Chevrolet small and big block, passenger (9.8” deck) and truck block (10.2” deck), engines. Can be adapted for many uses. Used on Lucas mechanical system to drive the ignition and fuel metering unit. The horizontal drive shaft has a 3/8 female hex; can drive a mechanical constant flow fuel pump or our “Shortie” distributor (see Pg #222). The top receiver is machined for a tang drive or can be sealed off; we have Vertex magnetos to fit this, or the hex drive. The gear driven drive assembly requires lubrication from the engine oil system. We offer a special filtered Z-20 lubrication nozzle for this purpose. Optional mechanical tachometer drive. OVERDRIVE Billet aluminum hous- ing with 3/8” male hex input and 3/8” female hex over- driven output. Unit is gear to gear, NO belt. The output shaft turns the same direction as the input shaft. #5275 3/8” COUPLER AND SHAFT #5275 with two Hilborn fuel pumps installed, on belt drive unit © 2017 EXTENSIONS - FUEL PUMP 5215 Complete Kinsler 2 1/4" extension 5216 Housing only, Kinsler 2 1/4", billet aluminum 5217 Shaft with coupler for Kinsler 2 1/4" extension 5220 Complete Kinsler 4 1/2" extension 5221 Housing ONLY, Kinsler 4 1/2" extension 5222 Shaft with coupler for Kinsler 4 1/2" extension 5224 Complete Weiand 6" extension 5225 Shaft with coupler for Weiand 6" extension 5230 Complete Hilborn 6" extension 5231 Shaft with coupler, for Hilborn 6" extension 5232 Bearing only, for #5230, sealed, two required 5233 Coupler only, 3/8" hex female, cold roll steel 5234 Shaft material only, 3/8" hex, cold roll steel, sold per inch 5235 Overdrive assembly, complete, 1-set of gears included - specify ratio of 10, 14, 18, or 22% overdrive 5236 Spur gears, 10% overdrive ratio, spare/replacement 5237 Spur gears, 14% overdrive ratio, spare/replacement 5238 Spur gears, 18% overdrive ratio, spare/replacement 5239 Spur gears, 22% overdrive ratio, spare/replacement PHENOLIC INSULATOR Helps isolate the fuel pump from heat transfer at it’s mounting surface. Note: Always be certain that the pump hex shaft has sufficent engagement when adding this insulator. 5276 .140" thick, insulates drive heat from mechanical fuel pump Spur gear #5235 overdrive assembly DUAL PUMP DRIVE Billet aluminum housing with 3/8” male hex input and two 3/8” female hex driven outputs. Gear to gear design does not require a belt. Output shafts turn the opposite rotation as input, 1:1 ratio. 5275 Dual pump drive assembly, complete #5224 #5220 #5215 #5230 Optional tach. drive V #5276 DISCONTINUED