Kinsler_Handbook_#32 December 2017

Kinsler Fuel Injection, Inc, 1834 THUNDERBIRD TROY, MICHIGAN 48084 U.S.A. Phone (248) 362-1145 Fax (248) 362-1032 159 CONVERSION OF CARBURETOR MANIFOLDS INTO FUEL INJECTION Converting a carburetor manifold for port fuel injection can be accomplished several different ways. Manifold availability, desired results, and the cost effectiveness will help determine the approach to the project. Fuel injection is the combination of an air control device and a fuel control system. These two controls need to be thought of as two separate things, joined together to perform a task: Fuel Control - is done by constant flow metering, electronic engine management (EFI), or Lucas mechanical metering. Any of these types of fuel control can be combined with any type of air control, it is just a matter of which is best for the application. Air Control - is achieved by some configuration of a throttle plate style unit(s). It can be a Enderle Birdcatcher blower hat, one or two Kinsler 4-barrel throttle bodies, a large single throttle plate unit, an old carburetor body, or any other suitable air control device. Constant flow metering with Enderle Bugcatcher blower hat installed on tunnel ram manifold WE CAN CONVERT YOUR EXISTING MANIFOLD OR A NEW ONE INTO A FUEL INJECTION UNIT. INSTALLATION OF A BLOWER HAT ONTO A TUNNEL RAM MANIFOLD Certain tunnel ram manifolds (listed below), feature a top which will allow a blower hat with the 6-71 bolt pattern/opening to bolt direct onto the manifold. Most fabricated sheet aluminum tunnel rams are made to accept a bolt-on flat plate. We can machine an adapter plate to accept a blower hat. Some cast manifold conversions require welding in between the two carburetor pads then machining the top of the adapter to accept the blower hat. © 2017 16910 Adapter to mount 6-71 bolt pattern hat to Edelbrock big block Chevrolet Victor-Ram tunnel ram manifold #7075, includes bolts 16920 Adapter to mount 6-71 bolt pattern hat to Edelbrock small block Chevrolet Victor-Ram tunnel ram manifold #7070, includes bolts 16930 Adapter to mount 6-71 bolt pattern hat to Weiand Super Pro Hi-Ram for Chevrolet big block #5996 or Ford big block #5999 16932 Adapter to mount 6-71 bolt pattern hat to Dart cast aluminum tunnel ram Two Kinsler billet High-Flow series 4-barrel throttle bodies on sheet aluminum tunnel ram manifold with constant flow This was one of the forerunners. This dyno development setup consisted of a Kinsler small block Chevrolet fuel injection manifold with steel runner extensions and plenum, with two Holley four barrel carburetors. WHERE DID THOSE TUNNEL RAM MANIFOLDS START OUT IN THE FIRST PLACE ? The year... 1966. The data was very good; it went right out to one of the major carburetor manifold manufacturers.