Kinsler_Handbook_#32 December 2017

Kinsler Fuel Injection, Inc, 1834 THUNDERBIRD TROY, MICHIGAN 48084 U.S.A. Phone (248) 362-1145 Fax (248) 362-1032 158 CONSTANT FLOW FUEL METERING  - flow test and rebuild fuel pump  - qualify and test barrel valve and spool for part throttle distribution and fueling  - custom grind barrel valve spool for customer’s application  - correct linkage geometry  - flowcheck nozzles for distribution and size  - flowtest and calibrate complete injection system  - flow and pressure check bypass valves for pressure setting  - install additional bypass valves for more precise fuel system tuning  - service and repair of bypass valves ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION (EFI)  - flow test electric fuel pump(s)  - flow and check customer injectors for proper distribution and flow capacity  - backflush injectors and clean  - flow and check fuel rail for distribution problems  - run complete management system on flow bench to check and evaluate fuel system maps  - check wiring harness for proper function  - check sensors for proper operation and resistance  - flow and test pressure relief valve for desired pressure setting and operation. LUCAS MECHANICAL TIMED METERING  - flowtest and rebuild electric and mechanical fuel pumps  - flow and check customer’s nozzles for proper spray pattern and operation pressure  - rebuild nozzles  - flowtest and calibrate complete injection system  - grind metering unit shuttles to improve fuel distribution  - flow test and rebuild pressure relief valve  - replace worn or damaged nozzle hoses  - replate banjo bolts and hose ends  - machine metering unit tower for clearance for fuel cam  - custom make fuel cam  - install Kinsler solid roller lifter  - replace banjo bolt o-rings and bung seals  - complete rebuild of rotor and sleeve assembly MANIFOLDS AND THROTTLE BODIES  - replace worn linkage hardware  - install new throttle plates  - replace worn throttle shafts  - install bronze throttle shaft bushings  - remove and replace broken bolts  - rebore throttle area  - install bosses for nozzles or EFI injectors  - install TPS boss with drive coupler  - install vacuum reference system  - machine manifold for cylinder head port profile and blend runners  - ‘show-quality’ polish manifold (aluminum only)  - polish and anodize ramtubes (aluminum only)  - machine throttle shaft(s) for increased air flow -- FOR NEW OR USED CUSTOMER INJECTION SYSTEMS -- You don’t have to own a Kinsler unit to get HELP from us! Please call us rather than writing... we get a much better exchange of information by phone. © 2017 SERVICE AND MODIFICATION OF OTHER BRANDS We began as a company that serviced, repaired, and upgraded other brands of injection systems and components. As time passed we started to manufacture more and more manifolds and components, but we still service and sell all the other brands. This continues to give us a unique understanding of the different types of injection systems and their limitations, so that we can do an excellent job of upgrading them. I NEED HELP, WHERE SHOULD I GO ?