Kinsler_Handbook_#32 December 2017

Kinsler Fuel Injection, Inc, 1834 THUNDERBIRD TROY, MICHIGAN 48084 U.S.A. Phone (248) 362-1145 Fax (248) 362-1032 15 OPTIONS • Streamlined Throttle Plates • Valley plate for use on tall or custom deck engine blocks • Longer nozzle hoses for ‘down’ nozzles • 16-port barrel valve (outlet block-off plugs available) • 16-nozzle system; barrel valve, nozzles, nozzle hoses • Barrel valve with 6AN outlet ports • Special linkage setups for ease of customer installation • Angled ramtube adapters so K&N air filters can be installed • Machining of ‘second’ nozzle boss location on manifold - inboard or outboard; includes 1/2-20 thread brass universal nozzle boss inserts and sintered bronze air filters • Delete bosses from manifold castings, to save weight! • ‘XTRA-LIGHT’ package on manifold castings • ‘XTRA-LIGHT’ barrel valve assembly • Titanium ramtube adapter bolts to save weight • Custom name tag CHEVROLET SMALL BLOCK V8 ‘Smooth torque and power curve’ obtained with the Kinsler 360 ASCS Dragon Claw manifold Shown with optional ‘outboard’ nozzle location Ramtubes with restrictors Dropping in restrictor Ramtubes without restrictors Restrictor tube insert O-ring seal for manifold to ramtube adapter and backcut throttle shaft Cut away to show o-ring seal for ramtube to ramtube adapter - CONTINUED - 360 ASCS Dragon Claw © 2017