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Engineering, manufacturing, sales, service, calibration, testing, and modification, of mechanical and electric
fuel injection systems and components for all types of racing and performance.



We have more Lucas Mechanical Injection
Parts than any other place in the World !!!


Lucas MKII 4 Cyl

Lucas MKII 6 Cyl
Lucas 1/4 Speed MKI 6 Cyl
Lucas Maserati MKI 6 Cyl

Lucas MKII 8 Cyl

Lucas MKI 4 Shuttle 8 Cyl
Lucas MKI 8 Cyl
Lucas MKII 12 Cyl

   See our Lucas pages in Handbook #32,
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The Lucas system was the best available for racing. The advantage is very precise metering at any
rpm or throttle setting and excellent vapor handling. Lucas doesn't make complete injection systems,
just metering pieces. To make a complete system we add. a manifold, drive, fuel cam, filter, linkage,
calibration, etc.

McLaren_with Kinsler_Fuel_Inejction_with_Lucas_Timed_Fuel_Metering

We offer a premium line of modified Lucas equipment.  Every metering unit, pump, and nozzle
is final machined, finished, assembled, qualified, and flow tested in our shop.  The quality of
these "Premium Race Grade" pieces is unsurpassed.


We service Lucas equipment for, Can-Am cars, F-5000, F-1, Ferrari, Maserati, Triumph,
offshore boats, etc.  We rebuild seized metering units, damaged nozzles, etc.


NEW Product

MonsterMesh_Fuel_Filter_#8350-103_10/3_For Lucas_Metering_Unit_Protection_Manufactured_By_Kinsler_Fuel_Injection

For premium metering unit protection, we now offer a dual layer
10/3 micron fuel filter. 
This filter has a 10 micron paper medium
outer layer
and a inner layer of 3 micron woven glass. 
 Monster-Mesh filter assembly with 8AN female  ports.
  #6043         6AN adapter fittings   
  #8300          Quick release S.S. mounting clamp   

  #8323        Replacement filter element 


Kinsler Big Block Chevy with horizontal
mounted metering unit and vertical magneto


Mechanical fuel pump mounted on drive. Various pulley sizes
and pitches are available. Standard pump has .25" thick (center)
pump segment. High flow option is .37" thick.



Lucas MKII Metering unit for twelve cylinder engine.
Banjo bolt, carries fuel out to nozzle line. Standard finish on all Lucas pieces is
cad plate. Triple chrome satin plate available from us; a must for marine use.


Electric fuel pump, high pressure (approx 100 psi),
used only to start Lucas system.


Feeler gauges, special narrow, for checking the
metering unit shuttle stroke.

Fuel cam follower by KFI for Lucas metering unit has
solid-roller to eliminate the friction of the standard flat lifter.
Don't use the ball bearing type they crack.

Banjo fittings, to fit unit like "D". Triple chrome plate available.


Pressure relief valve by Kinsler Fuel Injection, diaphragm type,
with 1/4 P ports, available with 6AN fittings. Smooth and reliable.
Use this to replace the Lucas and Cosworth valves.


Fitting, nozzle-line-to-nozzle.
tainless Steel 90 degree Hose ends.  Will not corrode or rust


Stainless Steel Straight Hose ends
Nozzle line, 1/4" OD, in black or translucent white.


Banjo Fitting Stainless Steel


Fittings are made by Kinsler Fuel Injection to
adapt the BSP thread in the Lucas pieces to
standard AN 37 degrees.


Bung seals, to seal the banjo bolt fitting nose to
metering unit sleeve. Bung seal installation tool.

O-rings, special oversize by KFI for better
leakproof seal of banjo fitting to housing.


Three-way check valve by KFI, 6AN fittings
on left and right are one-way check flaps
mechanical and electric fuel pumps. 6AN
bottom fitting is outlet to fuel filter.


Spanner wrench for removing diaphragm retainer plate securing nuts.


Lucas nozzles, they only atomize the fuel. They
have little todo with metering, which is done by
the metering unit. One size fits all.  Available
triple chrome plated.



Kinsler Shortie Distributor with Magnetic pick up
and centrifugal advance,  optional: locked out
(no advance) adjustable reluctor and 3/8" male
hex drive




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