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Engineering, manufacturing, sales, service, calibration, testing, and modification, of mechanical and electric
fuel injection systems and components for all types of racing and performance.

Billet header

  Viper V10 V3 Billet Manifold by Kinsler Fuel Injection

Custom Billet V10 manifold
Features sealed bearing 
throttle shafts

  Billet TRD V8 1494 Sm
  Billet TRD V8 1518 Sm
  Billet TRD V8 1519 Sm
  Billet Runner 1588 Sm1


Billet Runner 1587 Sm
  Billet Runner 1591 Sm
  Billet Throttle 1585 Sm
  Billet Throttle Body
  Billet Throttle Body 1586 Sm
  Billet 410 SB Chev 1653Sm
  Billet 410 SB Chev 1661 Sm
  Billet 410 SB Chev 1669 Sm2
  Billet 410 SB Chev 1678 Sm1
  Billet 410 SB Chev 1688 Sm
  GM Mono 2303 Web Sm
  GM Mono 2301 Web Sm

Version 2

    4150 Throttle Body
   with sealed bearings


 Billet Big Chief



       EFI Twin Injector Harley
              Throttle Body





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