SBC RS-305

Specifically Dedicated Design for the Racesaver 305 Series.

We worked with some of the Top Engine Builders to give you this refined Package

Huge Value Added Package >

Read the List Below for Everything Included.


All of this is INCLUDED !!

Manifold Castings – Precision Cast Aluminum for Lite Weight and Non-Corrosion

CNC Ported – entire runner is 100% 5-axis CNC ported for consistency and repeatable performance

Throttle Shafts & Throttle Plates – Throttle Shafts are contoured for minimum air flow resistance.  Throttle Plates are Tapered for improved air flow

Super Smooth – Kinsler’s bearing/bushing architecture for throttle shafts uses lip seals to keep dirt out of manifold

Linkage Hardware – All billet aluminum with high quality bearings, rod ends, and fasteners

Nozzles – Kinsler Precision Flowed & Matched with 1% Spread in Total Distribution with 5 1/2″ long screen style deflector

Nozzles Vented Internally – nozzles air passageway is vented into the runner so no dirt is sucked in

Hoses for Nozzles – Kinsler ‘HP’ Series teflon core with PVC covers with stainless steel fittings that swivel for easier installation and service of the nozzles

Ramtubes (stacks) – 180-Degree Bell for Maximum Air Flow, Spun Aluminum

Super Top Ramtube Adapters – Billet Aluminum with Hyperbolic Transition from Throttle Bore to Ramtube inside diameter.   O-ring on inside diameter to seal to ramtube outside diameter.  O-ring seals to top flange of manifold with a dove tailed groove detail,  so o-ring will not fall out when removing/installing

Valley Plate – Billet aluminum for GM or Dart, 8.850 or 9.0 deck engine blocks.  Bolt-on modular breather system and distributor pad

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