Kinsler RS 305 Manifold Package is the Next Generation in fuel injection! 

Kinsler  “ RS 305 ”  3-Piece SBC Manifold Package with constant flow fuel metering, includes the below:  


> Throttle size :   2 1/4”

> Aluminum  castings, precision cast for Lite Weight

> Port profile:  Race Saver, World Products, GM, Dart cylinder heads

   with standard bolt location and port window for 23-degree heads

                       100% CNC ported < Included


> Valley plate, billet aluminum with modular design

    ( Available for Dart or GM blocks, 9.0” deck or 8.850” )


SUPER-TOPstyle billet ram tube adapters, special contoured

     from manifold throttle bore size to 2 3/16” ram tube.


> Transverse Design :  contoured  throttle shafts with

   Kinsler bearing/bushing architecture and aluminum throttle

   plates.  Throttle arms with Bearing connector bar and throttle

   stops with safety return springs and stop bosses  


> ‘Jack-Shaft’ linkage < Included :   hex link connectors with a

    stainless steel cross bar mounted in bearing style pedestals with

    ‘adjustable’ hex link assemblies on each side of the manifold. 

    Pulling arm (multi-hole) located on ‘jack-shaft’ with throttle stop and boss stop.


> Ram Tubes < Included : Set of (8) Kinsler aluminum 180o tapered bell 2 3/16” I.D.


> Constant flow fuel metering package, consists of:

          Kinsler 8-port barrel valve assembly with inlet and secondary outlet fittings

          Kinsler-designed computer ground barrel valve spool model: 54/*

          Barrel valve mounting bracket, billet, with stabilizer foot

          Idle hex link assembly

           ‘HP’ nozzle hoses < Included :  PTFE hose with stainless steel ends,

            65o bent tube end at nozzles in manifold and straight at barrel valve. Both swivel.

            Machined for “Inboard”  1/2-20 thread nozzles with internally venting


> Nozzles < Included : Set of (8) Kinsler 1/2-20 thread internally vented, 5 1/2″ long `AS’

         style streamlined diffusers, flowed and matched within 1% spread in total distribution.


> Purge, pressure test, and leakage set fuel metering system.