The line end fittings and collars are our own design, made in stainless.The lines are assembled in our shop, using an eight-crimp die set.  They have a 5/16″ hex at the barrel valve for easier installation.  You can rotate the fitting in the line after installation.  The PVC sheath is crimped under the collar; no braid showing: protects from dirt.

The fitting for the nozzle has a 45-degree seat to properly match the angle on the nozzle.  It is bent 65 degrees to let the lines run snug over the valve covers.

The line is smooth bore Teflon 3/16″ ID, with stainless braid, covered with black PVC, .275″OD.   This is rated at 3,000 PSI working pressure with a minimum burst pressure of 14,000 PSI.  We have tested ten of these line assemblies to 15,000 PSI without a failure.

These make a great upgrade on a New Manifold

or Update whatever brand manifold you have !

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