This is an excellent option on a new manifold to protect your investment !    PLUS….can be done to most ‘used’ Kinsler manifolds to save your investment !!!

Magnesium can corrode very rapidly when exposed to water.

This manifold corroded unusually quick; it was in the field for about two years.

There are only two threads left where the water port fitting was.

Steel ions accelerate the corrosion, so use anodized aluminum fittings on magnesium manifolds.

Using distilled water for coolant is supposed to reduce the corrosion significantly.

As an option, we can install our machined aluminum insert (#6288) in our new manifolds

or fit them into your used Kinsler manifold.

Available as 8AN female thread ONLY !

Bottom, machined for insert

The insert is large enough that the gasket seals to it….

so water will only contact it, not any of the magnesium

Top side with insert installed and coated

Bottom side with insert installed

and final coated

Loctite is used to seal the insert (#6288) into the machined pocket;

retained with four 10-32 button head cap screws.