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Fittings & Hose 2017-07-13T19:41:31+00:00


  • HP Series W Nozzle 1940 crop webHPLine end fittings and collars are our own design, made in stainless.
  • Lines are assembled in our shop, using an eight-crimp die set.
  • 5/16” hex at the barrel valve for easier installation.
  • The fitting in the line is rotatable after installation.
  • The PVC sheath is crimped under the collar.
    1.  no braid showing:
    2.  protects from dirt.
  • The fitting for the nozzle has a 45-degree seat to properly match the angle of the nozzle.
  • Bent 65 degrees to let the lines run snug over the valve covers.
  • The line is smooth bore Teflon 3/16”ID, with stainless braid, covered with black PVC, .275 OD.
  • Rated at 3,000 psi working pressure, with a minimum burst pressure of 14,000 psi.
  • Ten of these line assemblies tested to 15,000 psi without a failure.