Kinsler_Handbook_#32 December 2017

Kinsler Fuel Injection, Inc, 1834 THUNDERBIRD TROY, MICHIGAN 48084 U.S.A. Phone (248) 362-1145 Fax (248) 362-1032 87 RANGE JET VALVE FOR USE WITH KINSLER JET SELECTOR VALVE WHEN DO YOU NEED IT ? A Range Jet Valve is required when a Kinsler Jet Selector Valve is being installed and the main bypass jet exceeds .100” diameter. This is because very high flow through the Jet Selector causes enough turbulence to affect the stability of the flow through the jets in it. The accuracy of the valve is excellent when used with jets under .100”. HOW IT WORKS The Range Jet creates a constant bypass around the Jet Selector Valve, so the flow passing through the Jet Selector is reduced. An added bonus of the Range Jet Valve is that the jets in the Jet Selector Valve don’t have to be changed... if a richer or leaner set of jets is needed, merely change the jet in the Range Valve to a smaller or larger one... this changes the range of all eight jets in the Jet Selector Valve.... much easier, quicker, and cheaper! PLUMBING Arrange the two ‘tee’ fittings as shown, so the flow to and from the Range Jet Valve will be flowing through the “straight through” side of the tee. Selecting the Jets required for Jet Selector and the Range Jet Valve IMPORTANT NOTES All of the data in this table is for K-type jets; the results will vary if commercially made jets are used. Be sure to read KINSLER K-TYPE JETS on Pages #72-73. To figure out a jetting size combination, use the formula shown in ORIFICE THEORY on Pages #199-200. WHAT RANGE JET SIZE TO START WITH ? Set up the Jet Selector Valve with .074” in the center position. The following table shows what Range Jet size to use versus the jet size that you were using with only a main bypass jet can. Main bypass jet Range Valve jet size can only jet size (with Selector Valve on .074” jet) .100” .070” .110” .086” .120” .102” .130” .112” .140” .118 .150” .130” .160” .146” .170” .156” .180” .174” #3020 Kinsler Range Jet Valve Kit, includes two 6 AN swivel tee fittings (does not include jets) These jet increments are about twice as coarse as we would recommend if there were no Range Jet Valve in the system.... since there is always flow bypassing through the Range Jet, the effect of changing from one jet size to another in the Jet Selector is reduced by about half. If the Range Jet Valve weren’t in the system, we would normally use .004” increments for most alcohol applications and .002” for gasoline. If using a Range Jet Valve, the jets in the Jet Selector Valve should be : For alcohol .050” .058” .066” .074” .082” .090” .098” .106” (.008” increments) For gasoline .062” .066” .070” .074” .078” .082” .086” .090” (.004” increments) © 2017 Use this schematic with our PREFERRED PLUMBING SCHEMATIC on Page #108. It is important to locate the fuel filter on the main pump outlet so all the fuel will be fil- tered going to the engine and the main bypass, Jet Selector, high speed, etc. Note :