Kinsler_Handbook_#32 December 2017

Kinsler Fuel Injection, Inc, 1834 THUNDERBIRD TROY, MICHIGAN 48084 U.S.A. Phone (248) 362-1145 Fax (248) 362-1032 82 FILTRATION NOZZLE VENT FILTER BISCUITS These biscuits made from filter foam, slip over the outside of the 1/8” NPT nozzle body to give complete protection. Washable and reusable, 45 ppi. AIR FILTRATION FOR NOZZLES © 2017 2393 Aluminum 1/2-20 nozzle banjowith 1/8" NPT female port; sintered bronze air filter with 1/8" NPT male thread 2394 Air filter ONLY, sintered bronze with 1/8" NPT thread 2379 Banjo body ONLY, aluminum, for 1/2-20 nozzle 2390 Single 3/8" barb, plated 1/2-20 nozzle banjo 2391 Dual 3/8" barb, plated 1/2-20 nozzle banjo 2392 Tee, for 6 AN push-lock hose, plated 5020 Set of (8) Kinsler nozzle vent filter biscuits 5021 Individual nozzle vent filter biscuit #5021 #2393 2396 Kinsler nozzle inlet screen, 80 x 70 mesh stainless steel #2396 #2392 #2390 #2391 Nozzles are a vital part of the fuel system. KEEPING THEM CLEAN IS A MUST !!! Monster Mesh Series Filters Monster Mesh Mega Monster Mesh Ultra Monster Mesh Monster Mesh series filters part numbers and descriptions, see Page #161 Ano-BRL Alum-BRL Consult the plumbing schematic for the type of fuel system being used and MAKE SURE the correct type and style of fuel filter is being installed. Fuel pump inlet: pumps are very sensitive to distur- bance in the inlet hose. IT IS A MUST to have the correct filter or it will damage the pump and/or cause problems. NEVER have return fuel going back into the pump’s inlet hose. As fuel leaves the pressurized side of the fuel system and enters a non-pressure area the fuel can flash vaporize, causing damage to the pump and erratic running conditions. INSTALLATION FOR CONSTANT FLOW SYSTEM We recommend filtering all the fuel coming out of the pump so that all the bypass valves and the barrel valve receive filtered fuel. Do NOT use paper element filters on this type of system: bits of the paper element from the ‘clean’ side of the filter will clog the nozzles and/or glue on the element may dissolve in methanol causing the element to separate. Do NOT use paint strainers or other cloth filters to fill the tank, as lint from them may plug the nozzles. Use our #5610 filter funnel (see Page #179) or a similar metal element strainer. Filter funnel with removeable element Got surface area? #9031 Ano-BRL element vs. #8370 Monster Mesh element #9031 #8370 Excellent for oil, fuel, and transmission