Kinsler_Handbook_#32 December 2017

Kinsler Fuel Injection, Inc, 1834 THUNDERBIRD TROY, MICHIGAN 48084 U.S.A. Phone (248) 362-1145 Fax (248) 362-1032 77 KINSLER K-TYPE JETS Ideal for organizing and protecting your jets. Rotating top allows you to select and remove one jet at a time. Special fuel resistent polymer plastic. KINSLER PLASTIC JET HOLDER CASE THE PROBLEM WITH COMMERCIAL JETS Flow to nozzles, Jet size lb/hr gasoline .110” 360 .115” 340 .120” 350 .125” 320 .130” 320 .135” 310 If you have your engine running well, we can flow test your commercial jet to tell you which K-jet to start with. © 2017 NOTE : We do not attempt to match any other brands of jets other than our own; It is not cost effective. 3073 Enderle jet, screw-in type (7/16-20 thread), unmatched, state size: .020" to .200" at .005" increments 3054 Hilborn jet, drop-in for 6 AN jet can, unmatched, state size: .020" to .225" at .005" increments 3060 Hilborn jet, drop-in for 8 AN jet can, unmatched, state size: .020" to .405", sizes available may depend on available drills string the jets on a wire, as their entrance shapes will change as they move around on the wire!!! For storage use the Kinsler plastic jet holder case #3720. NEVER 3720 Holds 28 Kinsler, Hilborn, Ron's, or Holley jets, or 16 Enderle plus 12 Kinsler or Hilborn jets. #3073 #3060 REASONS FOR FLOW ERRORS 1) Variations in the orifice size... even the same drill doesn’t make the same size orifice each time; reaming is the only way to insure exact orifice size. 2) Entrance conditions... these can make a considerable difference in flow, yet are often overlooked: Even though both of the jets in the picture have the same fuel pressure to them, and the same orifice size, the flow through the jet on the right will be about 20% greater than that of the jet on the left. This is due to the gener- ously rounded entrance which makes it easier for the minute particles (molecules) of fuel to get into the orifice. See 3) Most commercial jets have a square edge, with a simple chamfer. A K-type jet has a large radius that is precisely blended to the bore, giving better control of the entrance conditions and better protection of the orifice. 4) All of the problems mentioned above are eliminated by using the K-type jets, since each jet is precisely machined, then hand tailored to the flow of a master reference jet. The term “jets” is sometimes used to refer to the nozzles. This is incorrect and should be avoided. 1 Commercial jets are not as precisely made as they should be, so there is often poor correlation of fuel mixture versus jet number. In fact, it is sometimes so bad that a jet change that should be richer is actually leaner, or vice versa (note jet .115” and .120” in the table to the right), or it may make no change at all (note .125” and .130”): 1