Kinsler_Handbook_#32 December 2017

Kinsler Fuel Injection, Inc, 1834 THUNDERBIRD TROY, MICHIGAN 48084 U.S.A. Phone (248) 362-1145 Fax (248) 362-1032 75 Steve Kinser, 19-time, World of Outlaw Sprint Car Champion CONSTANT FLOW FUEL INJECTION METERING Constant flow systems are very flexible and cost effective for many types of racing, engine configurations, and fuels. They are capable of suppling a very wide range of fuel requirements. The system can be easily configured and tuning is accomplished by increasing or decreasing the systems operating pressure. A constant flow system uses a mechanical fuel pump to increase/decrease the supply flow to the injection unit directly related to engine RPM. This variable flow creates pressure against the fixed orifices of the main bypass jet and the nozzles. The idle and the part throttle fuel rate is controlled by utilizing a barrel valve assembly. Kinsler can supply additional bypasses and enrichment circuits to provide added flexibility. Basic components of a constant flow fuel injection system : A) Air control - individual runner (I.R.) manifold or throttle body. B) Barrel valve assembly - barrel valve houses the spool. The spool controls fuel for idle and part throttle. There is a selection of spools for different engines and fuels. C) Nozzles - fixed orifice in the runner or plenum of intake manifold. Sized for specific engine application and fuel being used. D) Nozzle hoses - connects barrel valve or distribution block to nozzles. E) Main bypass jet can - houses poppet and spring for basic idle fuel pressure, holds main bypass jet. F) Main bypass jet - this orifice works in conjunction with pump and nozzles to set the overall fuel delivery of the system. It can be quickly changed to adjust the base fuel rate. G) Fuel pump (mechanical) - positive displacement pump. H) Fuel pump drive - typically drives fuel pump at 1/2 engine RPM. Can be mounted to camshaft or belt driven. I) Fuel shut-off valve - stops fuel flow to barrel valve to allow the engine to be shut-off. J) Fuel filter - filters the fuel to protect nozzles, bypass valves, and barrel valve. Optional components : K) Secondary bypass valve - allows tuning flexibility of part throttle. L) High speed bypass valve - allows tuning flexibility of higher RPM fuel delivery. M) Electric lean-out or enrichment valve - special function valve to allow tuning of a specific area or range of the fuel delivery. N) Kinsler Jet Selector Valve - holds eight main bypass jets. Allows main jet to be adjusted while engine is running. O) Kinsler Vapor Separator Tank (VST) system - typically used when the main fuel tank is mounted too far away from the mechanical pump and a transfer pump is required. This Kinsler specially designed system helps to prevent fuel boiling and pump inlet cavitation by maintaining pressure to the mechanical pump inlet. Return fuel from the injection system is routed back to this tank. See Pages #114-115 for details on Vapor Separator Tank plumbing. © 2017