Kinsler_Handbook_#32 December 2017

Kinsler Fuel Injection, Inc, 1834 THUNDERBIRD TROY, MICHIGAN 48084 U.S.A. Phone (248) 362-1145 Fax (248) 362-1032 50 BLOWER HATS FOR SUPERCHARGED ENGINES © 2017 FlowTest and Calibration:  We flow test new and used systems with single or multiple stage nozzle configurations, in or out of boost. We also flow test individual components, such as pumps, nozzles, and bypass valves. Complete service, parts and systems. We can help you upgrade your existing fuel system, or do a complete new one for you. Type of System:  The number of nozzles used will vary depending on the fuel, type of blower hat, and size of supercharger. Hat Nozzles Only:  Injects all the fuel into the top of the supercharger. This system is the easiest to understand and tune, but the limited ability to change the distribution makes this system inadequate for large superchargers and high boost levels. Hilborn 4-port. Four 2 3/8” or 3” throttle plates Blower Hats: Throttled air plenum used on the inlet of a supercharged engine. Make sure the hat is large enough to support the air requirement of the engine, but a hat that is too large will cause some loss of driveability at part throttle; for drag racing this is not usually a problem. For the racer who wants a big blower hat appearance but with good driveability, we internally block off part of the blower hat to reduce its air flow.... this is very popular for the street. Hat and Port Nozzles:   The engine will idle and run at small throttle angles on the hat nozzles only. As the RPM increases, fuel pressure rises, and the port check valve will open to allow fuel flow to the port nozzles. Normally has at least one port nozzle in each runner of the intake manifold; allows the fuel distribution to be adjusted to compensate for the air and fuel distribution errors caused by the supercharger and intake Hilborn E-series hat. Four 3” throt- tle plates Hilborn H-series hat, some- times called a Shot-Gun. Two 5 1/4” throttle plates Enderle Birdcatcher hat. For throttle plate dia., see table. Shown with standard barrel valve...high flow is in stock A Overall Width 14.68” 18.00” 20.50” B Casting Width 12.37” 14.60” 16.50” C Length 15.30” 17.25” 20.00” D Bolt Center Length 13.25” 13.25” 15.31” E Bolt Center Width 4.44” 4.44” 4.44” F Outlet Width 4.00” 4.00” 4.10” G Outlet Length 12.25” 12.25” 15.06” H Bolt Hole Diameter .40” .40” .44” I Overall Height 5.20” 5.80” 6.44” J Throttle Plate Dia. 3.69” 4.38” 5.00” K Throttle Shaft Dia. .31” .44” .44” L Throttle Area Sq. In. 32.07” 45.20” 58.90” SPECS FOR ENDERLE BLOWER HATS : BUG BIRD BUZZARD