Kinsler_Handbook_#32 December 2017

211 1834 THUNDERBIRD TROY, MICHIGAN 48084 U.S.A. Phone (248) 362-1145 Fax (248) 362-1032 Kinsler Fuel Injection, Inc, ADJUSTING THE METERING UNIT TO MAKE SMALL MIXTURE CHANGES The fuel cam on the top of the metering unit pivots on an eccentric marked “R” and “L” . The idea of this design was that by pushing the shaft out against the spring and rotating it so that the “R” moves toward the peg, the unit runs richer. One notch is supposed to equal .001” shim change. GENERAL METERING UNIT SETTINGS These are average settings for Amercian V8 2-valve gasoline engines using a Lucas 8-cylinder metering unit with 8mm shuttles. If your engine is more powerful than the average race engine, it will need more shuttle stroke (fuel rate). AT WIDE OPEN THROTTLE (WOT) © 2017 Eccentric pin, spring, cotter pin, spring rest washers, and fuel cam bushings Proper fuel timing gives best low RPM engine torque and throttle response; it has very little affect on high RPM horsepower. For most engines, the best fuel timing is about 40 crankshaft degrees before top dead center, coming up to start the intake stroke. This timing usually works well, but another setting may be better for a given application. No harm will result from trying other timings. If the engine builder specifies a certain timing, start with that, but you might try others...... TIMING THE METERING UNIT To time the engine at 40 degrees before top dead center coming up to start the intake stroke: 1. Rotate the crankshaft until it is 40 degrees before top dead center, coming up to start the intake stroke. 2. Remove the #1 nozzle line banjo bolt from the metering unit (be very careful when reinstalling it as it cross threads easily). 3. With the right angle drive unit removed from the engine, rotate the drive gear on the bottom in the running direction until the ports in the rotor and the bronze sleeve of the metering unit full line up. 4. When reinstalling the drive unit in the engine, try to mesh the drive gear to the cam so that it will keep this fuel timing. It is not critical to be exact. NOTE -- DO NOT USE THIS ....... We have found that these pieces are often not indexed properly as Lucas made them... it may cause an improper adjustment. Use only the shims to make any mixture adjustment unless you carefully check the functionality of this piece. WIDE OPEN THROTTLE SHUTTLE STROKE .072” .076” .082” .095” .098” .105” .110” .117” .125” .134” CUBIC INCHES LITERS 302 5.0 331 5.5 350 5.8 410 6.8 427 7.0 454 7.5 480 8.0 500 8.3 540 9.2 572 9.4 IDLE SHUTTLE STROKE .017” .018” .020” .022” .024” .025” .026” .028” .030” .032”