Kinsler_Handbook_#32 December 2017

Kinsler Fuel Injection, Inc, 1834 THUNDERBIRD TROY, MICHIGAN 48084 U.S.A. Phone (248) 362-1145 Fax (248) 362-1032 156 EFI PLUMBING PLUMBING TWO PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES We recommend installing two pressure relief valves on any system utilizing an electric pump(s) where the pump output exceeds approximately 1000 lbs/hr. Using two pressure relief valves allows additional volume to be dumped off, to maintain good pressure regulation. If only one pressure relief valve were installed, there would be excessive pressure rise in the system at low fuel demand conditions. MECHANICAL INJECTION PUMP WITH ELECTRIC “STARTING” FUEL PUMP SYSTEM This provides a large volume at high rail pressure for higher horsepower applications and alternate fuels, such as methanol, ethanol, and nitro combinations. It eliminates the high current draw associated with large or multiple electric pump installations. A mechani- cal pump replaces electric pump #2 in the above schematic. The electric pump is used to start the engine. Once the engine is at suf- ficient RPM, the mechanical pump will supply all the fuel and the electric pump can be shut off. Danny Boy Land Speed Streamliner owned by Rich- ard Thomason and Ed Tradup. Powered by a small block Chevrolet V8 with Kinsler 3-piece Dart/Buick manifold equipped with F.A.S.T. EFI system Danny Boy’s Records C.I.D 371 FIA Flying Mile 340.394 MPH 371 FIA Flying K 547.250 KPH 371 C/FS Flying Mile 332.921 MPH 292 D/BGS Flying Mile 315.489 MPH 256 E/BGS Flying Mile 290.007 MPH 371 Bonneville Flying Mile 340.394 MPH © 2017 - CONTINUED - NOTE: Check out your electrical system to be sure it will support the ampere draw of two pumps, EFI management system, ignition, radio, cooling fan(s), etc. PLUMBING TWO ELECTRIC PUMPS Should the fuel demand require two pumps, it is best to plumb them using this schematic. Pump #1 will start and run the engine under light load conditions. You can wire in a separate switch to activate each pump -- But Don’t Forget to Turn the Second Pump ‘ON’ when operating at higher demands. The check valve on the outlet of Pump #2 is so when Pump #1 is running and #2 isn’t, fuel will not flow back through #2 and into the fuel tank. BACKUP PUMP: If you are installing a second fuel pump as an auxiliary, you will need to install a check valve on the outlet of both fuel pumps, so no matter which pump is ‘ON’ it will not backflow through the other. PUMP INTERNAL CHECK VALVES : some pumps have an internal check valve/ball. We have experienced some internal check valve “sticking” on systems operating in excess of 50 PSI. It may be necessary to remove the internal check valve and install an external valve that can handle the pressure loads without sticking. See CHECK VALVES on Page #189. WITH TWO ELECTRIC FUEL PUMPS AND TWO PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES