Kinsler_Handbook_#32 December 2017

Kinsler Fuel Injection, Inc, 1834 THUNDERBIRD TROY, MICHIGAN 48084 U.S.A. Phone (248) 362-1145 Fax (248) 362-1032 143 EFI FUEL RAILS STAINLESS STEEL FUEL RAILS We offer complete stainless steel fuel rails. Tubing is available in bulk form, cut to length, or various stages of machining and assembly. Rails that we assemble are vacuum nickel brazed or silver brazed then pressure tested for leaks. Stainless rails are mounted using brazed-on straps, or our billet aluminum 2-piece mounting stanchions, available in various lengths for installation of EFI injectors with different overall body lengths. (See EFI INJECTORS on Page #139 for length details). We can supply a complete rail for our manifolds or yours. We can machine a rail to your print, or supply a partially machined rail so you can finish it. Individual components available ! 07301 "050.,.D.O"057.,.D.I"056.,yolla403,gnibutleetssselniatsrelsniK toofrepdlos,llaw 33301 thgieh"009.2,munimulatellib,eceip-2,noihcnatS 83301 thgieh"000.3,munimulatellib,eceip-2,noihcnatS 34301 thgieh"050.3,munimulatellib,eceip-2,noihcnatS 05301 htiwsduts"4/11x81-61/5,)4(fotes,tiktlobgnitnuomnoihcnatS stuntejdna,srehsaw,xehssecer 17301 partsliarleuffotroppusrofkciht"021.,leetssselniats,tessuG 27301 toofrepdlos,ediw"057.xkciht"021.,leetssselniats,lairetampartS 37301 gnol"058.2,knalb,leetssselniats,partS 47301 C-C"006.noselohtlob"091.)2(,gnol"055.3,leetssselniats,partS 57301 C-C"006.noselohtlob"091.)2(,gnol"055.3,leetssselniats,partS 67301 "091.)1(htiwthgieh"5.2,dnebeerged09htiwleetssselniats,partS eloh 59101 elytshcsoB,pilcreniaterrotcejnI 08301 ,ebutliarfoedisrofderuotnoc,leetssselniats403,pucrotcejnI wolfhtoomsrof.D.Idesuidar,pilcgniniaterrotcejnirofdenihcam 09301 otnitresniotderedluohs,eralfelamNA3,leetssselniats,pat.I.S.P llawebut 19301 otnitresniotderedluohs,eralfelamNA4,leetssselniats,pat.I.S.P llawebut 68301 otderedluohs,leetssselniats403,eralfelamNA6,gnittifdneliaR wolfhtoomsrof.D.Idesuidar,gnibutliarleuffodneotnitresni 78301 otderedluohs,leetssselniats403,eralfelamNA8,gnittifdneliaR wolfhtoomsrof.D.Idesuidar,gnibutliarleuffodneotnitresni 88301 foedisnohcattaotderuotnoc,eralfelamNA6,gnittiftnuomediS leetssselniats,gnibut 98301 foedisnohcattaotderuotnoc,eralfelamNA8,gnittiftnuomediS leetssselniats,gnibut 29301 leetssselniats,gnibut07301#fodnerevocot,gulP © 2017 PRESSURE DAMPENING COMPONENTS The opening and closing of EFI injectors causes fuel pressure fluctuations, affecting the fuel delivery to individual cylinders. Dampening the pressure pulses in the fuel rail can improve the fuel distribution. Group-Fire systems fire more than one injector at a time cause the highest pressure pulsing due to a large instantaneous demand for fuel. Sequentially timed systems, opening one injector at a time, creates a smaller instantaneous demand, thus lower pressure fluctuations. 55701 hcsoB,daerhtelamef5.1xmm81,repmaderusserP 65701 tekcoplanimon.D.I"595.,leetsdetalp,gnittifojnaB 75701 ,daerhtelam5.1xmm81,leetssselniats,tlobojnaB tekcopelameflanimon"057. 85701 elam5.1xmm81,leetssselniats,tlobojnaberalfelamNA8 95701 ,daerhtelam5.1xmm81,leetsdetalpmuimdac,tlobojnaB daehxehmm42 87601 reppoc,mm81,rehsawhsurC EFI INJECTOR ADAPTORS Fits top feed injectors using .575” O.D. o-ring. 6AN female inlet port. Two .190” mounting holes, 1.5” C-C. Standard finishes are glossy blue anodized or flat black anodized. Custom finishes available, please call. Black anodized with optional 4 AN male flare fitting and #10755 #10678 #10758 #10757 #10756 #10759 28301 dezidonakcalbroeulbyficepsesaelp,retpadarotcejniIFE Blue anodized with optional 6 AN male flare fitting