Kinsler_Handbook_#32 December 2017

Kinsler Fuel Injection, Inc, 1834 THUNDERBIRD TROY, MICHIGAN 48084 U.S.A. Phone (248) 362-1145 Fax (248) 362-1032 132 MECHANICAL FUEL PUMPS KW 400 pump and parts b) Pumps are available in sizes : KW/LW : 200, 300, 400, 450, 500 , 600, 700 Large KW : 900, 1000, 1100, 1200, and 1300 c) Uses 3/8” male hex drive. Swivel base flange for ease of installation, allows indexing of inlet and outlet ports for clearance of inlet and outlet hoses. d) Kinsler offers a complete line of AN hard anodized aluminum fittings. These fittings are light, resistant to methanol corrosion, give smooth flow, and good sealing. e) All parts are available to customer. Allows for “emergency” field service. KW 200 - 700 FUEL PUMPS Housing configuration consists of 3-inlet ports (1-8 AN and 2-6 AN fe- male) and 3-outlet ports (1-8 AN female and 2-6 AN female). Pump without fittings weighs approx. 1.95 lbs LW “Lite-Weight” FUEL PUMPS Housing configuration consists of 1-inlet port (8 AN female) and 3-outlet ports (1-8 AN female and 2-6 AN female in cover). Pump without fittings weighs approx. 1.45 lbs © 2017 2904 KW-200 regular rotation 2905 KW-200 reverse rotation 2908 KW-300 regular rotation 2909 KW-300 reverse rotation 2912 KW-400 regular rotation 2913 KW-400 reverse rotation 2954 KW-450 regular rotation 2955 KW-450 reverse rotation 2916 KW-500 regular rotation 2917 KW-500 reverse rotation 2980 KW-550 regular rotation 2981 KW-550 reverse rotation 2920 KW-600 regular rotation 2921 KW-600 reverse rotation 2924 KW-700 regular rotation 2925 KW-700 reverse rotation NEW ‘Lite-Weight’ fuel pump ! When every bit of weight counts ! 2914 LW-400 regular rotation 2915 LW-400 reverse rotation 2956 LW-450 regular rotation 2957 LW-450 reverse rotation 2918 LW-500 regular rotation 2919 LW-500 reverse rotation 2982 LW-550 regular rotation 2983 LW-550 reverse rotation Service parts are available for in-the-field repairs LW ‘Lite-Weight’ series pump 900 - 1300 series pumps have a larger housing, 12 AN female inlet port and 8 AN female outlet port 2932 KW-900 regular rotation 2933 KW-900 reverse rotation 2936 KW-1000 regular rotation 2937 KW-1000 reverse rotation 2940 KW-1100 regular rotation 2941 KW-1100 reverse rotation 2944 KW-1200 regular rotation 2945 KW-1200 reverse rotation 2947 Upgrade on KW-900, KW-1000, KW-1100, KW-1200, build pump with capability to accept up to size 1300 gear set, uses 1300 front cover and additional spacer (900 only), different size spacers are used for other size pumps 2948 KW-1300 regular rotation 2949 KW-1300 reverse rotation KINSLER FUEL PUMPS a) Side-by-side gear construction allows this pump to withstand higher fuel pressure loads than other designs, with minimal flow losses. The gears and plates are coated with Polydyn™ dry film lubricant to reduce wear. The billet aluminum housing is hard anodized on the inside to reduce corrosion. f) Interchangeable gears and spacers lets you quickly change the displacement size of the fuel pump, bigger or smaller (within housing limits). g) Pump can be driven either clockwise or counterclockwise without modification. Internal design allows either port to be inlet or outlet depending on rotation. Simply switch the inlet and outlet fittings. 2900 Labor to run in and flow test New KW/LW fuel pump, 900 series or smaller 2901 Labor to run in and flow test New KW fuel pump, 1000 series and larger PUMP FLOW TESTING SERVICE 6166 6 AN port plug with o-ring 6156 6 AN male flare x 6 AN male + o-ring 6044 6 AN male flare x 8 AN male + o-ring 6043 8 AN male flare x 8 AN male + o-ring 6103 Reducer bushing, 6 AN female x 8 AN male + o-ring 6177 10 AN male flare x 8 AN male + o-ring 6178 12 AN male flare x 8 AN male + o-ring 6179 12 AN male flare x 12 AN male + o-ring 6100 16 AN male flare x 12 AN male + o-ring 2913-M3P KW-400 reverse rotation, 3-port manif 2913-M4P KW-400 reverse rotation, 4-port manif 2955-M3P KW-450 reverse rotation, 3-port manif 2955-M4P KW-450 reverse rotation, 4-port manif 2917-M3P KW-500 reverse rotation, 3-port manif 2917-M4P KW-500 reverse rotation, 4-port manif KINSLER MANIFOLD OUTLET FUEL PUMPS FITTINGS- KINSLER HARD-ANODIZED ALUMINUM