Kinsler_Handbook_#32 December 2017

Kinsler Fuel Injection, Inc, 1834 THUNDERBIRD TROY, MICHIGAN 48084 U.S.A. Phone (248) 362-1145 Fax (248) 362-1032 124 ELECTRIC FUEL PUMPS Selecting the proper electric fuel pump for gasoline on a naturally aspirated engine Select a pump from the table that will give you the flow and pressure you need. Flow in lb/hr is about 1/2 of the horsepower number of your engine (700 HP would need about 350 lb/hr). Oversizing the pump about 10% is safer. Oversizing the pump too much may cause a higher than desireable current draw. Sometimes two smaller pumps are less expensive and draw less current than one larger pump. WELDON BOSCH AEROMOTIVE WALBRO AIRTEX MALLORY HOLLEY The actual flow of your pump could be as much as 50% lower than the pump’s advertised flow, as the aftermarket industry does not have a standard for testing. Flow output may be advertised with no backpressure on the pump, while it may see substantial backpressure in actual use. Incorrect information could cost you expensive engine parts and down time. A) Electric pumps tested by Kinsler are first run-in on a schedule of varying pressure and voltage, then flow tested to insure that you receive a good pump and accurate test info. B) All flows are in pounds per hour (lbs/hr) of .72 specific gravity gasoline. Divide the flow by 6.0 to obtain approximate gallons per hour. C) Tests are run with 13.2 volts at the pump terminals. This is on the low end of what should be available in any vehicle running an alternator, so the flows shown are conservative. To calculate the flows at slightly different voltages, (+ or - 4 volts), ratio the flow by the change in the voltage. For Example: 15.2 volts D) We offer flow testing of any new fuel pumps we sell. We also can flow test your existing fuel pump and supply you with the test results. FILTRATION We offer many different fuel filters for the inlets of electric fuel pumps, see FUEL FILTERS on Pages #162-166. Depending on the design of the electric pump, some are very susceptible to the smallest amount of dirt. We suggest a 45 micron filtration for Weldon vane style fuel pumps, while Bosch in- line fuel pumps require 25 micron filtration. Most ECU’s that offer electric fuel pump control require a relay to carry the amps needed to run the pump. The ECU’s delicate transistor circuit may only be capable of 500 milliamps (1/2 AMP). © 2017 Wiring: You must use the correct wire gauge to assure good voltage to the pump. It is important to fuse the circuit for protection from excessive current (amp) draw or a possible short. Steve Quinn’s 95’ Camaro Z28 Naturally Aspirated LT1 60’ ET: 1.320 1/8 mile ET: 6.277 1/8 mile MPH: 108.3 1/4 mile ET: 9.900 1/4 mile MPH: 135.16 AT KFI YOU GET THE FACTS, NOT SALES HYPE !!! KINSLER SUPPLIES THE ANSWERS! ________ x flow at 13.2 volts = approx. flow at 15.2 volts 13.2 volts CAUTION: some ECU’s will ground the relay coil for activiation, while others will supply power to the coil. Be sure you understand the system you are using before you connect the circuit. See EFI CONNECTORS, RELAYS, AND ACCESSORIES ON Pages #152-153. FUSE SELECTION CHART Pump Part # Recommended 5792, 10214, 10250, 10255, 10279, 10284, 10287-O, 10287-G 10208, 10209, 10210, 10270, 10285, 10293, 10293C 10211, 10265, 10286, 10288 10292, 10295, 10296, 10297 10 AMP 15 AMP 20 AMP 25 AMP FLOW TESTING : Consists of recording flow data and amperage draw. 5793 Labor to run-in and flow test New electric fuel pump 5795 Labor to run-in and flow test customer's electric fuel pump