Kinsler_Handbook_#32 December 2017

Kinsler Fuel Injection, Inc, 1834 THUNDERBIRD TROY, MICHIGAN 48084 U.S.A. Phone (248) 362-1145 Fax (248) 362-1032 118 TO AVOID SPARK PLUG FOULING AND POTENTIAL CYLINDER FLOODING: MAIN JET should be about the same size as before the installation of the VST system. Al Mullin’s Pro-Street 468 CID big block Chev El Camino. 6-71 supercharger on gas using Kinsler constant flow system Kinsler SS-12 Electric Fuel Shut- off valve mounted near the barrel valve on the blower hat Kinsler Vapor Seperator Tank and Jet Selector Valve mounted in lower right corner of the photo © 2017 BUBBLE TIGHT ONE-WAY CHECK VALVE Installed to stop fuel flowing from the pressurized VST back through the secondary bypass valve, into the barrel valve, and out to the nozzles when the engine is not running. This could cause the engine to hydraulically lock up. This valve is installed between the outlet of the secondary bypass valve and the vapor sepa- rator tank. The ‘arrow’ on this valve must point toward the vapor separator tank. See VST Plumbing Schematic, Page #116. 3096 Bubble tight one-way check valve, 6 AN male flare inlet and outlet CAUTION A) This system is designed to operate at 2-6 PSI. Never use the vapor separator tank in an application where it would be subject to pressures over 15 PSI or it might rupture and spill fuel. B) Never attempt to add another fitting to the tank, or modify it in any way; the internal baffling could be damaged. START-UP 1) Turn ignition switch “on”, turn electric fuel pump switch “on”, ---- DO NOT CRANK ENGINE. 2) Wait a few seconds to purge vapor from the VST and pressurize it. 3) Open the fuel shut-off valve, wait a few seconds for fuel to flow to the nozzles. This will prime the engine. Experience will help determine how long to leave the shut-off open. 4) Close the fuel shut-off valve or the engine may become flooded. 5) Crank engine, when it fires, open fuel shut-off valve. 6) IF engine DOES NOT start immediately: A) Engine may need more fuel for priming, repeat step #3. B) Make sure - VST has pressure, shut-off is opening and closing, barrel valve is set correctly for idle. C) If the engine floods - leave shut-off closed, throttles closed, crank engine with ignition “on”. D) IF severe flooding occurs: remove the spark plugs, disable ignition, close fuel shut-off valve, then crank the engine. Once excess fuel has been purged, reinstall spark plugs (new plugs maybe required) and go back to 1. SHUT DOWN 1) Bring engine to idle. 2) Turn electric pump switch off so the VST pressure will drop. 3) Close fuel shut-off valve. Allow engine to continue running to burn off any excess fuel. The engine may pick up RPM when the shut-off is closed, as it leans out. 4) Turn off ignition switch. 5) The shut-off MUST be left in the closed position until the engine is ready to be restarted. KINSLER VAPOR SEPARATOR TANK (VST) - CONTINUED -