Kinsler_Handbook_#32 December 2017

Kinsler Fuel Injection, Inc, 1834 THUNDERBIRD TROY, MICHIGAN 48084 U.S.A. Phone (248) 362-1145 Fax (248) 362-1032 102 MECHANICAL PUMPS CHANGING PUMP ROTATION: Gear-rotor style pumps are reversed by removing the cover and re-indexing it 180 o . Pumps tend to change their flow when taken apart and reassembled. Disassembling the pump in the field is discour- aged. It is recommended that the pump be sent to us, if the rotation needs to be changed. We will flow test the pump before and after changing it’s rotation to be sure it is performing properly. Gear to Gear style pumps are reversed by removing the inlet and outlet fittings. Simply turn the body 180 o and install inlet and outlet fittings in the opposite end of the pump from the original configuration. (Note: the original inlet port of the pump will now be the outlet port) ALL FLOWS , SIZES , AND RECOMMENDATIONS FOR FUEL PUMPS ARE FOR GENERAL REFERENCE. CONSULT A KINSLER TECHNICIAN FOR YOUR SPECIFIC APPLICATION !!! GEAR TO GEAR DESIGN TYPICAL KW, WATERMAN, OR DSR. GEAR-ROTOR DESIGN TYPICAL HILBORN OR ENDERLE A pin or notch at the twelve o’clock position with the inlet fitting at the three o’clock position is regular rotation. A reverse rotation pump will have the pin or notch at six o’clock with the inlet fitting at the three o’clock position. LOOKING AT BOLT-ON PUMP COVER © 2017 LOOKING AT PUMP COVER REVERSE ROTATION REGULAR ROTATION The required pump rotation can be determined by looking at the rotation of female drive hex at the mounting surface. A clock- wise rotation female drive requires a regular rotation pump, counterclockwise requires a reverse rotation pump. REGULAR ROTATION REVERSE ROTATION LARGER HOSE SIZES ARE REQUIRED AT PUMP SPEEDS OVER 4000 RPM ( 8000 engine RPM ) MINIMUM PLUMBING FOR INLET SUPPLY HOSE SPECIFICATIONS KW or Waterman 200-300 / Hilborn or DSR -00 pump -8AN hose with 7/16" I.D.* KW or Waterman 400 / Hilborn or DSR -0 pump / Enderle 80A-0 -8AN hose with 7/16" I.D.* KW or Waterman 450 or 500 / Hilborn or DSR -1/2 -10AN hose with 9/16"I.D.* KW or Waterman 600 or 700 / Hilborn or DSR -1 / Enderle 80A -12AN hose with 11/16" I.D* KW or Waterman 900 or 1300 / Hilborn -2 / Enderle 110 -12AN hose with 11/16" I.D.* Hilborn -4 / Enderle 110-990 or 110-1100 -16AN hose with 7/8" I.D.* *- I.D. of stainless steel braided hose Gear to gear (above) and gear-rotor (below) style pumps with front covers removed